Why Insurance Brokers?

You can buy almost any type of insurance online, by going to an insurance company web site and submitting your information for underwriting review, or you can do it the old fashioned way, by calling an insurance carrier or their agents, or you can call an Insurance Broker.

Insurance Broker is an Independent Insurance Agent, contracted by many insurance companies, insurance carriers may give a broker the authority to quote and bind coverage instantly, or deliver rates to the broker by email at a later date, when you call for an insurance quote, and provide the necessary information, an insurance broker, will submit your data to many insurance carriers at the same time, and will get instant rates through online portals, or overnight rates by email or fax.

Insurance carriers have different appetite for customers,so what's acceptable to one insurance company could be rejected by another, insurance brokers have access to many of these carriers,and will be able to provide rates and blend coverage from different carriers.

A Business or an individual looking to get insurance will have different coverage requirement and experience, one insurance carrier can't handle all types of clients or offer all types of insurance coverage, Insurance brokers can customize coverage by packaging insurance policies from different insurance carriers, like getting Liability Insurance from a carrier, Cargo Insurance or Physical Damage from another

Insurance carriers have different ratings, based on their financial strength, insurance carriers get rated by AM Best or other rating services, clients, specially businesses like contractors, require highly rated insurance carriers, to be acceptable to participate in a project or to satisfy a contract requirements.

Insurance brokers have a wide range of available insurance carriers, with different ratings, which can meet the insurance needs of contractors and other businesses.

Insurance Brokers have access also to Small sized insurance carriers, Non-standard carriers, Admitted and Non-admitted carriers, Risk Retention Groups, High Risk or Assigned Risk Programs, this means more acceptability, more pricing options, and wider choices of coverage!

A non-admitted insurance carrier -in a particular state- means the insurance carrier is not licensed by that state, not subject to the financial solvency regulation and enforcement that apply to other insurance carriers licensed in that state, and doesn't participate in any insurance guarantee funds created by the state law, so if the non-admitted insurance carrier becomes insolvent and unable to pay claims, the guarantee funds will not not be available to pay for the claims.

Saberlines Insurance is a California based insurance broker, licensed to do business in Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas.

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